Lesli and Robert Brown – The new Current 2010 Anglers of the Year

4/12/10 – April meeting points and team Martinez added
4/26/10 – Amistad Tournament results added.  Team Pederzani added.

Team No Drop Total Drop Two Total
Brown 206 112
Sanchez 205 115
Killough/Parish 202 114
Connell 198 110
Davis 195 110
Trevino 183 110
Logan 177 106
Gold 144 101
Summers 143 101
Nichols/White 138 98
Bohmer 129 88
Lentz 98 98
Pederzani 49 49
Anderson 44 44
Tyree 39 39
Cromleigh 5 5
Martinez 5 5

Download the full 2010 Standings in PDF format.

Please leave me a comment and let me know:  “At what point during the year do you think we should start ranking the AOY points by the drop two total?”

DATE: March 27th, 2010
TIME:7:00am – 3:00pm
WEIGH IN: Cotton Wood

Tournament Images

Eleven MMBC couples took to the waters of Lake LBJ Saturday March 27, 2010. Fishing times were 7:00am to 3:00pm.  This early spring day started off fairly pleasant, with a light breeze and air temperatures in the fifties.  Water surface temperatures started out around 58 degrees but as the day progressed and the warm spring air and sun did their thing surface temps could be found over 65 degrees. However, as it happens routinely in the spring, a northern cold front came blowing in a little after noon which unsettled the lake LBJ waters by whipping up some pretty good sized rollers.  Most teams arrived at Cotton Wood shores a little wet for the 3:00pm weigh in.

The team of Leslie Killough and Brent Parish came out on top for the second time in a row when fishing on Lake LBJ.  They brought an impressive five fish limit to the scales weighing 17.75 pounds.  Their sack was anchored by a 7.67 pounder caught by Brent.  Despite the size of the kicker fish, it was still not large enough to take the men’s big bass award.  That honor went to Larry Nichols who boated a beautiful 7.91 pound lake LBJ lunker!  Women’s big bass went to Pat Gold’s 3.48 pound largemouth.  In second place, and fishing very consistently so far this year, was the team of Lesli and Robert Brown.  They had a 5 fish limit weighing 10.88 pounds.  Close behind in third place was Rose and Pete Trevino weighing in a limit of bass for 10.25 pounds.  Congrats Rose and Pete for a top three finish!  Rounding out the top five teams were Marilyn and Joe Connell with another limit which weighed 9.85 pounds.  And no 2010 tournament story would be complete without having to mention our newest couple Sugein and Jessie Sanchez who have been on fire so far this year.  They are the current anglers of the year and on this day they brought four bass to the scales weighing 9.17 pounds.  Great job to everyone who participated.  Overall it was a pretty good day of fishing.  In typical fashion, we rewarded our efforts with a big meal and great company at the Chinese food restaurant in city of Marble Falls.

We now set our sights on the big blue waters of Lake Amistad for our spring two-day tournament on April 24 and 25th.

We hope to see everyone Tuesday April 6th at Fudruckers for our monthly meeting.  Please don’t forget to bring any stuffed animals you may have for our ongoing charity contribution to Blue Santa.

Marilyn put together some statistics for our tournament compared to the FAN tournament held on LBJ at the same time the MMBC tournament took place.  Cool stuff, thanks Mayilyn!

FAN Results March 27 Lake LBJTotal Teams: 42
Average Fish/Team: 4
Total Fish Weighed: 174
Total Fish Released: 174
Total Weight: 425.33
Average weight/team: 10.13
Average weight/fish: 2.44
MMBC Results March 27 Lake LBJTotal Teams 11
Average Fish/Team: 3.36
Total Fish Weighed: 37
Total Fish Released: 36
Total Weight: 90.42
Average weight/team: 8.22
Average weight/fish: 2.44

Mr and Mrs Bass Club of Austin March Lake LBJ Results

Place Team # Fish Weight WBB MBB Points
1 Leslie Killough & Brent Parish 5 17.75 lbs 50
2 Leslie & Robert Brown 5 10.88 lbs 49
3 Rosemarie & Pete Trevino 5 10.25 lbs 48
4 Marilyn & Joe Connell 5 9.85 lbs 47
5 Sugein & Jessie Sanchez 4 9.17 lbs 46
5 Lisa White & Larry Nichols 2 9.17 lbs 7.91 lbs 46
7 Brenda & Cliff Davis 5 8.32 lbs 44
8 Pat & Jerry Gold 3 6.10 lbs 3.48 lbs 43
9 Glenda & Allen Summers 2 4.82 lbs 42
10 Tracy & Steve Bohmer 1 4.11 lbs 41
11 Josie & Allen Logan 0 0 30

Sugein and Jessie Sanchez Current 2010 Anglers of the Year

March meeting points and LBJ Tournament Results.

Team No Drop Total Drop Two Total
Sanchez 156 156
Brown 153 153
Killough/Parish 151 151
Connell 148 148
Davis 140 140
Trevino 135 135
Logan 131 131
Bohmer 129 129
Summers 96 96
Lentz 93 93
Nichols/White 93 93
Gold 92 92
Anderson 44 44
Cromleigh 5 5
Tyree 5 5

Download the full 2010 Standings in PDF format.

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