Choke Canyon Top Three TeamsLAKE: Choke Canyon
DATE: February 27th, 2010
TIME:6:30am – 3:30pm
WEIGH IN: South Shore Unit

Tournament Images

Eleven MMBC teams hit the waters of Choke Canyon early saturday morning with hopes of hooking into one on the many Share A Lunker bass who call Choke Canyon their home.  The morning started off cold and crisp with air temperatures in the thirties and water temps in the low fifties.  The lake is still several feet low and the hydrilla is still struggling to grow in the frigid waters.  Despite the cold start, the weather quickly began to cooperate with soft winds and sixty degree air temps by weigh in which was held at 3:30 at the south shore unit.  Water temps were in the upper fifties by tournament end.

Coming out on top for the second tournament in a row, as well as only being their second tournament since joining MMBC, was the team of Sugein and Jessie Sanchez.  The team brought 5 fish to the scales weighing 13.75 pounds.   Jessie also took men’s big bass of the tournament with a nice 4.81 pounder, almost knocking Robert Brown’s  5.37 pound Lake Travis Bass out of contention for men’s big bass of the year.  The Sanchez’s reported catching their bass on rattle trap type baits.  The only other limit of bass brought to the scales on this day was the second place team of Leslie Killough and Brent Parish. Their limit weighed 8.80 pounds and was caught on tx rigged lizards and weightless senkos.  Rounding out the top three was the Choke Canyon power house team of Marilyn and Joe Connell.  They brought in three bass weighing 8.34 pounds with Joe weighing in a beautiful 4.69 bucket mouth.  They reported primarily catching their fish on tx rigged worms.  Joining us again after missing a few tournaments was Lisa White and Larry Nichols.  Lisa managed to boat a nice 2.98 pound bass which took the woman’s big bass of the tournament prize along with now being the current 2010 Woman’s big bass leader.  Great job to everyone who hit the water on a pretty tough fishing day.  We concluded our day in typical MMBC fashion with a nice big meal at the Staghorn restaurant located in the glorious town of Three Rivers Texas.

We hope to see everyone Tuesday March 2nd at Fudruckers for our monthly meeting.  Please don’t forget to bring any stuffed animals you may have for our on going charity contribution to Blue Santa.

On Martch 27th the Mr and Mrs Bass Club of Austin will be heading to Lake LBJ for our third tournament of the year.  With the spawn in full swing who knows what record breaking weights will be brought to the scales!!  Hope to see yall there.  Tight Lines…

Place Team # Fish Weight WBB MBB Points
1 Sugein & Jessie Sanchez 5 13.75 lbs 4.81 lbs 50
2 Leslie Killough & Brent Parish 5 8.80 lbs 49
3 Marilyn & Joe Connell 3 8.34 lbs 48
4 Lisa White & Larry Nichols 3 6.32 lbs 2.98 lbs 47
5 Leslie & Robert Brown 3 6.30 lbs 47
6 Josie & Allen Logan 2 4.08 lbs 45
7 Glenda & Allen Summers 2 3.52 lbs 44
8 Alice & Luther Lentz 1 1.92 lbs 43
9 Tracy & Steve Bohmer 1 1.82 lbs 42
10 Brenda & Cliff Davis 1 1.47 lbs 41
11 Rosemarie & Pete Trevino 0 0 30

Sugein and Jessie Sanchez Current 2010 Anglers of the Year


Team No Drop Total Drop Two Total
Sanchez 105 105
Brown 99 99
Connell 96 96
Logan 96 96
Killough/Parish 96 96
Davis 91 91
Lentz 88 88
Bohmer 83 83
Trevino 82 82
Gold 49 49
Summers 49 49
Nichols/White 47 47
Anderson 44 44
Cromleigh 5 5
Tyree 0 0

Download the full 2010 Standings in PDF format.

Time schedule for the Bassmaster Classic shows on ESPN

2/20/2010 SAT 10:00A 11:00A BASSMASTER ESPN2
2010 Bassmaster Classic Day One
Lay Lake – Birmingham, AL
2/20/2010 SAT 10:00P 12:00A BASSMASTER ESPN2
2010 Bassmaster Classic Day Two
Lay Lake – Birmingham, AL
2/21/2010 SUN 6:00A 7:00A BASSMASTER ESPN2
2010 Bassmaster Classic Day One
Lay Lake – Birmingham, AL
2/21/2010 SUN 7:00A 8:00A BASSMASTER ESPN2
2010 Bassmaster Classic Day One
Lay Lake – Birmingham, AL
2/21/2010 SUN 8:00A 10:00A BASSMASTER ESPN2
2010 Bassmaster Classic Day Two
Lay Lake – Birmingham, AL
2/21/2010 SUN 2:30P 4:30P BASSMASTER ESPN
2010 Bassmaster Classic Day Two
Lay Lake – Birmingham, AL
2/21/2010 SUN 10:00P 12:00A BASSMASTER ESPN2
2010 Bassmaster Classic Day Three
Lay Lake – Birmingham, AL

Donna and Jim TyreeNewlyweds Jim and Donna Tyree have been recognized by ESPN for being the “perfect couple” and we couldn’t agree more!   Congratulations Jim and Donna.  What a cool way to kick off your marriage!  We hope yall have a blast at the classic.  Take lots of pictures so we can share them here on our site.

Read more about their bass-tastic honeymoon on the ESPN page.  Congrats guys!

stuffed animals for Blue SantaRosemarie Trevino suggested that members donate gently used stuffed animals and books (can often be found at thrift stores) and bring them to club meetings. She will distribute them to Blue Santa as there is a great need.

Please contact Rosemarie for further information.

January Tournament WinnersLAKE: Travis
DATE: January 23rd, 2010
TIME: 8:00am – 4:00pm
WEIGH IN: Mansfield Dam

Tournament Images

Saturday started with cool temperatures and a little breeze. The fish for the most part must have been on a strict diet because few of them were willing to bite a lure. Of course, there’s always someone who figures out what will trigger a bite and Jesse and Sugein Sanchez did just that. Sugein and Jesse joined the club at the January party so this was their first club tournament. They won the tournament with a total of 8.06 pounds. Fantastic job Sanchez’s. Jerry and Pat Gold brought in 6.92 pounds giving them second place honors. Third was taken by Robert and Lesli Brown with one fish, one 5.37 pound Men’s Big Bass, fish! Fourth place went to the team of Pete and Rosemarie Trevino. Rosemarie took Women’s Big Bass of the tournament.

Eleven teams fished the Travis tournament and although weights were low everyone brought fish to the weigh-in. Considering how the bite has been on Travis that was no small feat and attest to the tenacity of MMBC members! The tournament ended with a stiff, cold, north wind blowing over the lake, nonetheless we had a terrific day.

After the tournament members went to the Iguana Grill for eating and socializing. Next to fishing it’s our best sport. We had fish tales to tell, good food to eat, and great friends to enjoy it all with. The next MMBC tournament is scheduled for February 27th on Choke Canyon Reservoir. The February club meeting will be Tuesday, February 2, see you there.

Place Team # Fish Weight WBB MBB Points
1 Sugein & Jessie Sanchez 4 8.06 lbs 50
2 Pat & Jerry Gold 5 6.92 lbs 49
3 Lesli & Robert Brown 1 5.37 lbs 5.37 lbs 48
4 Rose & Pete Trevino 4 5.17 lbs 1.51 lbs 47
5 Josie & Allen Logan 2 4.34 lbs 47
6 Brenda & Cliff Davis 3 3.82 lbs 45
7 Judy & Wayne Anderson 1 3.08 lbs 44
8 Marilyn & Joe Connell 2 2.95 lbs 43
9 Leslie Killough & Brent Parish 1 1.52 lbs 42
10 Tracy & Steve Bohmer 1 1.49 lbs 41
11 Alice & Luther Lentz 1 1.13 40