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6 teams came out to fish Buchanan. It was a hot, sunny, and still day, with tough fishing.  Congratulations to Jeff A. on men’s big bass, and Brenda on women’s big bass!

LAKE Buchanan
DATE July 15, 2017
TIME 6:00a-1:00pm
WEIGH IN Burnet Co.
Number of Teams Participated 6
Number of Limits Weighed 1
Number of Bass Weighed 13
Total Pounds of Bass Caught  24.38
Average Number Bass per Team 2
Average pounds per Bass  1.88
Average pounds per Team  4.06




Place Team # of Fish Weight (LBS) WBB (LBS) MBB (LBS) Points
1 Davis, Cliff & Brenda 5 9.31  2.06   50
2 Hunter, Deron & Susie 3 5.42     49
3 Wilson, Steve & Laurie 3 4.92     48
4 Anderson, Jeff & Elizabeth 2 4.48    2.42 47
 5 Huebel-Smith, Jeff & Emily 0  0     35
 5 Gast, Rob & Cheryl 0  0     35
  Summers, Allen & Glenda DNF       0
  Trevino, Pete & Rosemarie DNF       0
  Connell, Joe & Marilyn DNF       0


5 teams braved the choppy waters at Lake Buchanan on Saturday. The fishing was tough!

LAKE Lake Buchanan
DATE June 25, 2016
TIME 6:00am – 2:00pm
WEIGH IN Burnet County Park 
Number of Teams Participated 5
Number of Limits Weighed 1
Number of Bass Weighed 11
Total Pounds of Bass Caught 16.12
Average Number Bass per Team 2.2
Average pounds per Bass 1.47
Average pounds per Team 3.22


Place Team # of Fish Weight (LBS) WBB (LBS) MBB (LBS) Points
1 Summers, Allen & Glenda 5 7.98 50
2 Trevino, Pete & Rosemarie 3 4.49  1.90 49
3 Davis, Cliff & Brenda 3 3.65  1.29 48
4 Wilson, Steve & Laurie 0 0 35
5 Huebel-Smith, Jeff & Emily 0 0 35
Anderson, Jeff & Elizabeth DNF DNF 0
Seagroves, Wayne & Connie DNF DNF 0
Gast, Rob & Cheryl DNF DNF 0
Connell, Joe & Marilyn DNF DNF 0
Brown, Robert & Lesli DNF DNF 0
Hunter, Deron & Susie DNF DNF 0
Miller, Ernie & Cindy DNF DNF 0


Glenda and Allen Summers repeat on Lake Buchanan!  The last time MMBC visited lake Buchanan the Summers’ dominated.  This time they claim top honors with a nice 19.07 pound limit anchored by the 6.91 pound men’s big bass of the tournament.

Glenda And Allen SummersAllen Summers








LAKE Buchanan
DATE June 21, 2014
TIME 6am – 2pm
WEIGH IN County Park
Number of Teams Participated 11
Number of Limits Weighed 5
Number of Bass Weighed 38
Total Pounds of Bass Caught 92.13
Average Number Bass per Team 3.45
Average pounds per Bass 2.42
Average pounds per Team 8.38

Place Team # of Fish Weight (LBS) WBB (LBS) MBB (LBS) Points
1 Summers, Allen & Glenda 5 19.07  6.91 50
2 Parish, Brent / Killough, Leslie 5 17.53  4.88 49
3 Brown, Robert & Leslie 5 10.71 48
4 Connell, Joe & Marilyn 5 9.03 47
5 Davis, Cliff & Brenda 5 8.97 46
6 Derks, Glen & Melanie 2 8.37 45
7 Wilson, Steve & Laurie 3 5.56 44
8 White, James & Kristi 3 5.17 43
9 Gold, Pat & Jerry 3 3.89 42
10 Huebel, Jeff / Smith, Emily 1 2.07 41
11 Trevino, Pete & Rosemarie 1 1.76 40
DNF Roberts, James & Lee DNF DNF 0
DNF Beathge, Robbie & Melissa DNF DNF 0
DNF Burns, Brian & Casey DNF DNF 0
DNF Seagroves, Wayne & Connie DNF DNF 0
DNF Simpson, Bryan & Robin DNF DNF 0

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Glenda and Allen Summers

Click for Tournament Pictures

Team Summers turn up heat and disintegrate the competition on Lake Buchanan!!

LAKE: Buchanan
DATE: June 2nd, 2012
TIME: 6:00am – 3:00pm
WEIGH IN: Burnet County Ramp

It is not often that the first place team more than doubles the rest of the field, but on Lake Buchanan that’s exactly what Glenda and Allen Summers did. To illustrate the magnitude by which they won, you could add up the weights for second and third place and that still would fall several pounds short of the enormous 20.57 pound limit of bass that Allen and Glenda Summers wow’ed the rest of the field with. Their bag of fish was anchored by a monumental 10.43 pound largemouth caught by Allen. This is not only the big bass of the tournament, but is also the new big bass of the year and is now Allen’s new personal best fish ever. I overheard him comment, “I finally broke into the double digits.”   The couple reported that Glenda also had one on earlier in the day that may have been even larger than Allen’s fish but her line broke as the monster made a last run for freedom. Glenda still managed to bring in a beautiful 4.6 pounder that took woman’s big bass honors. I know I speak for everyone in the club when I say great job and congratulations, we bow before you on this day.

Unfortunately that’s just about the only highlight of the Lake Buchanan tournament. Most teams struggled to catch keeper sized bass. Only one other team managed to bring in a limit of bass, and consequently it was good enough for second place. Robert Brown and his guest had 8.09 pounds when the scales settled. Rounding out the top three was Jesse Sanchez and his guest Jeff Huebel ,(now a club member) with three fish for 7.80 pounds. Everyone else pretty much sucked it up big time! But as always we will be back on the water next month, determined as ever, for our first night time tournament of the 2012 season on the famed Lake Austin. You never know how things will shake out on that lake. With multiple double-digit fish caught out there this season thus far, Allen may want to put some voodoo on his fellow club members if he wants to retain the big bass of the year position! Good luck to everyone. Be safe and see ya out there.

Number of Teams Participated = 12
Number of Limits Weighed = 2
Total Number of Bass Weighed = 35
Total Weight of Bass Caught = 61.82 lbs
Average Number of Bass per Team = 2.08
Average Weight per Bass = 2.47 lbs
Average Weight per Team = 5.15 lbs

Place Team # of Fish Weight (LBS) WBB(LBS) MBB(LBS) Points
1 Summers 5 20.57  4.60 10.34 50
2 Brown 5 8.09 49
3 Sanchez 3 7.80 48
4 Parish/Killough 3 6.51 47
5 Hagaman 3 6.03 46
6 Gold 1 5.78 45
7 Trevino 2 2.61 44
8 Connell 1 1.97 43
9 Davis 1 1.43 42
10 Martinez 1 1.03 41
11 Pederzani 0 0 30
11 Wacker 0 0 30


Brenda and Cliff DavisLAKE: Lake Buchanan
DATE: May 1st, 2010
TIME:6:30am – 3:00pm
WEIGH IN: Burnet County Park

Tournament Images

Just five days after returning from Lake Amistad seven teams of the Mr. and Mrs. Bass club of Austin were at Lake Buchanan competing in the May club tournament.  The lakes had some things in common, beautiful water and surroundings.  What Buchanan did not have in common with Amistad was 14” fish.  Catching a fish of any size was quite difficult but finding one over 13 ¾” was amazing!

As is usual one team managed to throw a bait the fish seemed to want.  Cliff and Brenda Davis had a five fish limit weighing in 8.81 pounds.  Brenda had a 3.01 which was women’s big bass of the tournament.

Coming in second was Rosemarie and Pete with 3.39 pounds and Pete had men’s big bass with a 2.24 pounder.  Jesse Sanchez had to fish solo because Sugein was ill and stayed home.  Jesse weighed in 2.92 pounds which took third place.  The Brown’s, Connell’s, Tyree’s and Gold’s rounded out the field.  The only time anyone saw the Gold’s they were a “swish” mark on the lake in their new Bullet being pushed by a 300 horsepower motor.  She’s a beautiful boat and very fast too!  Congratulations Jerry and Pat on your new baby.

It wasn’t a good day for catching bass but it was a nice day on the lake and the wildflowers made the trip more than worthwhile.  Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, Brown eyed Susan’s and Firewheels carpeted the roadsides and fields.  If the bass in the lake could have seen the scenery surrounding them they would have been jumping into our boats for a glimpse of the beauty.

After the tournament we all went to Storm’s restaurant in Burnet for food and talk.  The social time spent after the tournament is almost as much fun as the fishing.

Mr and Mrs Bass Club of Austin May Lake Buchanan Results

Place Team # Fish Weight WBB MBB Points
1 Brenda & Cliff Davis 5 8.81 lbs 3.01 lbs 50
2 Rosemarie & Pete Trevino 2 3.39 lbs 3.24 lbs 49
3 Sugein & Jessie Sanchez 2 2.92lbs 48
4 Lesli & Robert Brown 2 2.71 lbs 47
5 Marilyn & Joe Connell 2 2.60lbs 46
6 Donna & Jim Tyree 1 1.29 lbs 45
7 Pat & Jerry Gold 0 0 lbs 30