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newsletterThe June Meeting was held on Tuesday, June 1st at our new meeting location, Baby Acapulco Restaurant near the Arboretum.  The 12 teams in attendance included:  Brown, Connell, Davis, Gold, Martinez, Parish/Killough, Pederazani, Sanchez, Summers, Nicholes/White, Trevino, and Logan.

President Brenda Davis called the meeting to order and welcomed the three guests who happen to all be children under the age of 11.  Brenda announced that birthday wishes go out to Glenda Summers on the 12th, Jason Cromleigh on the 17th, and Allen Summers on the 28th.  Anniversary wishes go to Joe and Marilyn Connell on the 2nd and Cliff and Brenda Davis on the 4th.  Brenda also let everyone know that our dear secretary, Marilyn, will be having total knee replacement surgery tomorrow.  We want to wish her a quick recovery.  Marilyn & Joe, we are here for you so let us know if you need any help with anything.

Secretary Marilyn Connell reminded everyone that due to her surgery, she will not be able to act as Secretary for June and July and due to vacation plans will not be present at the August meeting.  Sugein Sanchez volunteered to help out in her absence.

Treasurer Cliff Davis presented the financial report of the club.

Tournament Director, Allen Logan, was given the floor and we finalized the time for the Lake Belton June 5th Tournament.  Fishing times are 6:00am until 2:00pm and weigh-in will be at Temple Lake Park.

Brenda announced that she obtained a permit for our July 10th Stillhouse Tournament for Friday, July 9th at 10:00pm until Saturday, July 10th at 12:00pm.  The members present chose to keep those dates and times will be voted on at our next meeting.

Our August Tournament will be on the 21st at Lake Travis.  It will be a day tournament.

The new business was that Rosemarie Trevino listed all of  the charities she could recall that our club has sponsored in the past which are:  Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Capital Area Food Bank, Any Baby Can, Safe Place, and Coats for Kids.  If anyone can recall any others, please let Brenda know so that Brent can list them on our site under Communities and Charities.  Allen Summers asked that if you know of any ramps that need better lighting, to please bring it to his attention because TABC is looking to add solar lights to many of the ramps that don’t have any.

The old business is that no information is posted on the TABC website regarding the state championship date or lake.  Allen Summers, confirmed that they are still talking about having the tournament at Lake Falcon on September 25th.  Nothing has been finalized though.  The top four teams as per points, without drops two months prior to the tournament, will be eligible to compete in the TABC Championship.

Congratulations to Larry and Lisa White for picking up a beautiful ZX225 Skeeter boat from which we hear that Larry has already landed a six pounder from. Hopefully there are many more in yalls future.

Lastly Pete Trevino spoke about some problems they had with his hydraulic trim while at Amistad and with the help of club members and Two Guys Marine in Amistad they were able to get the issue resolved and get the Trevino’s back on the water.

Special thanks to Sugein Sanchez for taking over the secretarial duties and writing this newsletter while Marilyn is recovering from her surgery.

The May meeting was held at the Baby Acapulco restaurant near the Arboretum, on Tuesday, May 4, 2010.  The eleven teams in attendance were:  Brown, Connell, Davis, Gold, Lentz, Martinez, Parish/Killough, Pederzani, Sanchez, Summers and Trevino.

President Brenda Davis called the meeting to order, welcomed the guests (children) present and wished a Happy Birthday to Donna Heinemann on May 25.  She also wished a speedy recovery to Rosemarie Trevino who had foot surgery on May 3rd and a Happy Anniversary to Rosemarie and Pete Trevino on May 5 and to Tracy and Steve Bohmer on May 22.

Secretary Marilyn Connell announced that due to knee surgery, she will not be able to act as Secretary for June and July and due to vacation plans will not be present at the August meeting.  Sugein Sanchez volunteered to help out in her absence.  Thanks, Sugein!

Treasurer Cliff Davis presented the financial report of the club.

Assistant Tournament Director, Pete Trevino, announced the winners of both the April 24-25 Amistad Tournament and the May 1st Buchanan Tournament and presented their awards.

The June 5th Belton tournament will be fished from 6:30 am until 3:00 pm and the weigh-in will be at Temple Lake Park.

The members present chose the 10th of the month for the July tournament and the lake will be Stillhouse Hollow.

There was no old business discussed.

The new business was the meeting location and all present agreed that Baby Acapulco’s would be a fine place to continue to meet.

newsletterThe April meeting was held on Tuesday, April 6, 2010, at Fuddruckers restaurant.  Teams attending were:  Brown, Connell, Davis, Gold, Lentz, Logan, Nicholes/White, Parish/Killough, Sanchez, Summers, and Trevino.

Club President, Brenda Davis, welcomed guests Jesse and Gina Martinez, Trapper Brown and his fiancé Brittney and Venay Sanchez.  Jesse and Gina joined the club and we now have 16 teams!

Happy Birthday this month to Pete Trevino on April 3 and to Jim Tyree on April 30!

Brenda reminded everyone that the club weigh-in will begin fifteen minutes after the appointed time.  The Tournament Director will blow an air horn to announce the start of the weigh-in.  Teams need to leave their fish in their live wells until they hear the horn blow.  All teams, however, must be at the ramp (and hopefully in the parking lot) at the appointed tournament ending time.

Club Secretary, Marilyn Connell, asked members to update their roster listings.  She will soon send the updated roster via email.

Treasurer Cliff Davis made the financial report and collected the annual TABC dues from members.

Tournament Director Allen Logan announced the winners of the March 27 LBJ Tournament and presented the awards.  Members chose the following times, weigh-in sites, dates and lakes for future tournaments:

Saturday, April 24 Lake Amistad:  7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Diablo East Ramp

Sunday, April 25 Lake Amistad:    6:30 am to 2:00 pm, Diablo East Ramp

Saturday, May 1, Lake Buchanan, 6:30 to 3:00, Weigh-in TBA at Amistad*

Saturday, June 5, Lake Belton, times TBA at the June meeting

*Please note that because of questions about ramp availability we will postpone the location of the May 1 weigh-in until we are all together on Saturday evening at the dinner at Anglers Lodge.  Officers are checking for suitable locations.

Old Business:

  • Members voted to stay in the Texas Association of Bass Clubs and were directed to pay their dues at this meeting so that our club treasurer could send the payment before the due date of April 15 to TABC.
  • The “committee” to select a restaurant with Wi-Fi that we can meet at to be shown how to post on our webpage is still working on a location

New Business:

  • We discussed dinner plans for Saturday evening, April 24, in
  • Del Rio.  Members agreed to have a simple hamburger cook-out.  Each team is to bring their own meat and a sign-up for items was passed around.

Prize Drawing:

  • Lesli Brown again purchased some impressive prizes
  • Brent and Leslie still retain the steal token.
  • It seems to be good luck to put the wrong ticket side into the bucket!

newsletterThe monthly meeting of the Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club was held on Tuesday, March 2, 2010, at Fuddruckers restaurant.  Teams in attendance were:  Bohmer, Brown, Connell, Davis, Lentz, Logan, Parish-Killough, Sanchez, Summers, Trevino and Tyree.

President Brenda Davis opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and wishing “Happy Birthday’s” to club members Cliff Davis on 3/11, Lesli Brown on 3/15, Pat Gold on 3/22, Brenda Davis on 3/29 and Alice Lentz on 3/30!  Happy Anniversary wishes were also extended to Jerry and Pat Gold who celebrated on March 1 and to Glenda and Allen Summers who will celebrate on March 31.

Club Secretary, Marilyn Connell distributed club business cards to members.  They can fill in their name, phone numbers and email addresses (if they wish to) and give to anyone who is interested in obtaining additional information about the club.  Marilyn also commented on the great job that our webmaster, Brent Parrish, is doing on the web page.  It is now interactive, complete with stories.  One story that is particularly special is the honeymoon article that appeared on about Jim and Donna Tyree’s honeymoon trip to the Bass Master Classic.

Treasurer Cliff Davis provided members with the monthly financial report.

Allen Logan, Tournament Director, announced the winners of the February 27 Choke Canyon tournament and presented the teams with their winnings.  The starting and ending times for the March 27 Lake LBJ tournament were chosen.  We will fish from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm and the weigh-in will be held at the Cottonwood boat ramp.

The date of May 1st was chosen for the May tournament.  We forgot to select a lake for the May tournament so we will choose one at the April meeting. Because we need to obtain a permit two months in advance we probably should not select a COE lake.

Old Business:

TABC:  Allen Summers gave a report on TABC ongoing projects and future events.  A brief discussion was held about members of our club re-joining the TABC for 2010 and paying the membership fees. A nomination was made to continue membership in TABC and a show of hands indicated that almost all MMBC club members want to remain in the TABC.  In order to fulfill the constitution of the club we need to vote on this formally at the April 6th club meeting.

Club Shirts & Logos:  We will continue to order our shirts from the same company.  Several members received new shirts and Brenda announced that we now have club patches for sale at $2.65 each.  They are great to sew on hats, bags, dog shirts, etc.

New Business:

Several members indicated a willingness to learn how to add content and comments on the MMBC website.  We would like to have a committee meeting at Abuelo’s Restaurant (our favorite place to hold “committee” meetings).  Joe Connell agreed to be the committee chairman and will organize a meeting in the near future.

We agreed that we should list the names of organizations the club has given donations to on the web page

cliffs cake

SURPRISE:  Members surprised our friend and Club Treasurer, Cliff Davis, will a beautiful fishing birthday cake.  Members sang to him and celebrated his 70th birthday which will be on March 11, 2010.  Happy Birthday, Cliff!  Brenda says that Cliff was surprised and that we made him feel super special and he was very appreciative of the love and friendship!

Lesli Brown did her usual great job with the door prize event. Thanks to Team White/Nichols for the items they donated to this prize drawing. Since we did not know who had the “Steal Token” we created a new one and drew a winning number and Lesli Brown won!  She stole from Brent and Leslie so they own the token for the April Meeting.

~~Marilyn Connell, Club Secretary


The February meeting of the Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club was held at Fuddruckers Restaurant on Tuesday, February 2, 2010. Teams Brown, Connell, Cromleigh, Davis, Lentz, Logan, Parish/Killough, Sanchez, Summers and Trevino were in attendance.

Happy Birthday this month to Robert Brown on February 9 and to Marilyn Connell on February 10.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Brenda Davis and she welcomed the teams and three guests, who are children of club members.

Club Treasurer Cliff Davis made the financial report

Secretary Marilyn Connell reported that because annual club membership fees are due today, she will update and send out a new 2010 club roster very soon.

Club Tournament Director Allen Logan announced the winners of the January 23 Lake Travis tournament and distributed the prize monies.
Members chose the fishing times and weigh-in site for the February 27 tournament on Choke Canyon. We will fish from 6:30 am until 3:30 pm and the weigh-in will be at the South Shore ramp.

The times and weigh-in for the March 27 tournament on Lake LBJ will be decided at the March 2 club meeting.

Members discussed the April 24 & 25 Spring Two-Day tournament which will be held on Lake Amistad. Brenda asked members to make their reservations as soon as possible because rooms are being held for the Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club at Anglers Lodge, Treasurer Cliff Davis has sent in our fee for the tournament permit and because the ramp had to be chosen, he along with President Davis, chose Diablo East for the weigh-in and we will have the use of the fish tube shoot. Members are asked to keep in mind that because other organizations will also use this weigh-in site, we may have to share the tube around the same times. Clubs are required to give a start and finish time and the MMBC gave civil twilight as the start time and between 4:00-4:45 pm as the finish. The actual, official club times will be chosen during the April 6 club meeting.

Members talked about the Saturday night dinner and we decided that we would ask Anglers Lodge to cook hamburgers for us and we will gather together and play some fun games!

There was no old Business discussed.

New Business:

  • Members discussed and then approved a motion to hold our usual January business meeting on the first Tuesday of the month (date may need to be adjusted in some years). Because new members are required to attend a meeting before fishing a tournament, they will be able to attend the usual January meeting instead of having to pay to attend the festive Holiday party in January. The Holiday party will now be just the awards presentation, slideshow and “get-down” partying!
  • TABC: Dues for this organization are due by mid April and members discussed options. We will not have any sponsor monies donated this year so if a team is sent to the annual championship (September 25 & 26, 2010), members will have to pay the entry fees and lodging fees themselves. Members are asked to thoughtfully consider the advantages of staying in TABC and we will discuss again at the next meeting.
  • Shirts & Logo Patches: The person that has created the club logo and shirts for us is running low on logo patches. New members and several older members need new shirts. Options such as minimum orders, pricing and new companies were discussed and members will look into this and will report back to President Davis. The general club membership will be notified as soon as possible with the results.
  • Charity Suggestion: Rosemarie Trevino suggested that members donate gently used stuffed animals and books (can often be found at thrift stores) and bring them to club meetings. She will distribute to Blue Santa as there is a great need. Please contact Rosemarie for further information.
  • A discussion was held about club business cards and the current Secretary, who was the former club secretary, still has some and she will print and distribute at the next tournament and meeting.

Vice-President Lesli Brown conducted another great prize drawing. New club member, Sugein Sanchez (you know——one of the NEW team members who ALSO won the January tournament…) won the grand prize of a new fishing rod! Beginners Luck!!!!!! Congratulations to Sugein and thanks, Lesli!

M. Connell, Club Secretary

The January meeting of the Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club was held on Saturday, January 9, 2010 during the annual club party held at the University of Texas Club.

Happy Birthday wishes this month to:
Luther Lentz on January 7, Joe Connell on January 12, Josie Phan-Logan on January 25, Rosemarie Trevino on January 27, and to Steve Bohmer on January 28. Congratulations to Leslie Killough and Brent Parish as they celebrate their anniversary on January 14.

2009 Club President, Allen Summers, began the meeting with a welcome to 2009 sponsor, George Hudgins and his guest, Darlene; and to visitors, Jesse and Sugein Sanchez, who joined the club. Sugein’s name is pronounced “Sue Hane.” Welcome Team Sanchez!

Club member Pete Trevino made a congratulatory toast to veteran members, Donna (formerly Hannel) and Jim Tyree, who were married on January 1, 2010. Congratulations Jim and Donna!

Allen then introduced and thanked the other 2009 Club Officers:
Vice-President Lesli Brown; Secretary Brenda Davis; Treasurer Cliff Davis; Tournament Director Robert Brown; Web Master Brent Parish and Photographer Leslie Killough.

He then introduced the new 2010 Officers: President Brenda Davis; Vice-President Lesli Brown; Secretary Marilyn Connell; Treasurer Cliff Davis; Tournament Director Allen Logan; Web Master Brent Parish; and Photographer Leslie Killough.

2010 Club Brenda Davis led the rest of the meeting beginning with a special thank you to Brent Parish and Leslie Killough for their extra special creative efforts with the web page and photographs.

  • Cliff Davis made the monthly club treasury report
  • Tournament Director, Allen Logan then led us through the tournament portion of the meeting.
  • The December 19 Tournament awards for Lake Fayette were made to the three top teams.
  • The members selected the times of 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 pm for the January 23 tournament on Lake Travis with the weigh-in at the Mansfield Dam ramp.
  • The February 27 Choke Canyon tournament times and weigh-in location will be chosen at the February 2 meeting.
  • Members then nominated two lakes, Amistad and Falcon, for the annual Spring Two Day Tournament. Lake Amistad was chosen and the tournament will be held on April 24 and 25, 2010. Rooms are being held at Anglers Lodge and members are strongly urged to make their reservations as soon as possible. The phone number for Anglers Lodge in Del Rio is 830-775-1586.
  • Because we selected April for the two day tournament, members then chose a date and lake for the March tournament. It will be held on March 27 on Lake LBJ and times will be selected during the March 2 club meeting.

Thanks, Allen! You did a great job!

Old Business:
” Members were reminded to review the new Constitution and Club Policies as changes were made in December.
” Annual club dues are now $30.00 and should be paid by the February 2 meeting.

New Business:
” We voted to award no club meeting attendance points (usually 5 points) for January meetings when they are held during the club party.
” Members were encouraged to submit changes in addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc., to the club Secretary so that she can update the roster.

After the club meeting, Pete Trevino led us in a blessing and members dined on a sumptuous buffet created by the UT Club chefs. During coffee and dessert members watched the annual photograph slideshow. An award with our thanks was give to our sponsor George Hudgins along with awards for 2009 Women’s and Men’s Big Bass of the year and to the First, Second and Third place awards for 2009 Anglers of the Year.

The evening ended with a fun White Elephant-type gift exchange.

2009 Awards Presented to:
First Place Anglers of the Year with 546 Points: Team Parish/Killough
Second Place with 543 Points: Team Brown
Third Place Tie with 525 Points: Team Connell and Pederzani
Men’s Big Bass: Robert Brown, 8.29 pounds on O.H. Ivie, November 15
Women’s Big Bass: Marilyn Connell, 9.20 on Choke Canyon, May 2

Lake Amistad was chosen and the tournament will be held on April 24 and 25, 2010. Rooms are being held at Anglers Lodge and members are strongly urged to make their reservations as soon as possible. The phone number for Anglers Lodge in Del Rio is 830-775-1586.