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newsletterThe members of the Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club met at the North Austin IHOP on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.  President Brenda Davis welcomed everyone, including Bobby Forby, who along with his wife, Barbara, joined the club.  Welcome!  Teams present for this meeting were:  Brown, Connell, Davis, Forby, Parish-Killough, Sanchez and Trevino.

Treasurer Cliff Davis made the financial report to the club.

Tournament Director Pete Trevino helped the members select the times and weigh-in location for the Lake Amistad tournament held on Nov. 6 & 7.

Members also chose times for the December 4th tournament on Lake LBJ and they are from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm with the weigh-in at the Cottonwood/LBJ Yacht Club Ramp. (click on “Location” for map). Please note that this tournament will be held before the next meeting so please make a note of the times.

The first tournament of 2011 will be on Saturday, January 22 and it will be held on Lake Dunlap. The times and weigh-in location will be selected at the January 4th club meeting.

Old Business:

  • Members discussed the club remaining a part of TABC.  We tabled the issue to next month
  • Constitution & Policy Changes:
    • There was a discussion about how most other clubs have a penalty for dead fish weighed in.  Members participated in a good discussion.  A nomination was made and seconded and will be voted on next month.  It says: “Our club practices catch and release and members take as many steps as possible to release all fish alive.  It will be place in Policies, Section ll, Tournaments.
  • 2011 Officer Nominations were made.  Members will vote on the following at the December 7th meeting:
    • President:  Lesli Brown, Joe Connell*
    • Vice President:  Leslie Killough
    • Secretary:  Sugein Sanchez
    • Treasurer:  Rosemarie Trevino
    • Tournament Director:  Jesse Sanchez
    • (Brent Parish has graciously offered to again be the webmaster)

*Does not wish to hold this office

  • The December Meeting Prize Drawing:  It is a tradition of our club for members to bring in fishing prizes of their own and hopefully extra money for tickets at the December meeting.  All monies collected will go to a charity to be chosen at the December meeting.
  • January Holiday Party:  January 8th is the date for our annual party.  It will be held this year at the University of Texas Club.  Cost is $38.17 per person which will include appetizers, full buffet, dessert, two beverages, tax, gratuity and a private meeting room.  Please note that parking is not included.  Members may use the parking garage (fee) or park for free on the street.
    • Gift Exchange:  We hold an annual “White Elephant” type gift exchange but this year we ask for all prizes to be new and fishing related.  The amount for each gift should be $20.00 and each member is asked to bring a wrapped gift.  Numbers will be drawn and the exchange will begin.  It is always a fun event!

New Business:

  • Membership was brought up.  All members are encouraged to  attract new members.  Brent will make up a flyer and Marilyn suggested that members post on local Internet fishing forums about the club, the fun and our fishing


There was no raffle held at this meeting.  Prizes will be held over to the January 4 meeting.

MMBC News LetterThe October 5th meeting of the Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club of Austin was held at IHOP with President Brenda Davis starting the meeting at 7:00 pm.  She welcomed guests, Barbara and Bobby Forby who are interested in joining the club.  Teams present at this meeting were:  Brown, Connell, Davis, Gold, Martinez, Parish-Killough, Summers and Trevino.  Brenda wished Happy Birthday’s to Erin Cromleigh who celebrated on October 2nd and to Larry Pederzani who will celebrate on October 14.  She also extended Happy Anniversary wishes to Lesli and Robert Brown who will be married for two whole years on October 11!

Secretary Marilyn Connell read a thank you note from Pat Gold for the flowers sent to her during her recent surgical stay.  Treasurer Cliff Davis reported on the financial state of the club.

Tournament Director Pete Trevino announced the winners of the Choke Canyon Tournament held on September 11 and present awards.  He then announced the winners of the October 2nd tournament held on Lake Austin and presented those awards.

The November club tournament will be the Fall Two Day Tournament on Lake Amistad November 6 and 7.  The times for this tournament will be chosen at the November 2 meeting.  The club already has a tournament permit for Diablo East.  Rooms held for members at Anglers Lodge have now been released.

Teams present chose Saturday, December 4  for the December Tournament and we will fish Lake LBJ..

Old Business:

  • TABC Tournament:  Members present who participated in the tournament held at Choke Canyon on September 25 and 26 gave a brief report about the tournament.  Congratulations to our team for the 12th place finish out of a field of 23 teams.

New Business:

  • Sharelunker season is here from October 1 to April 30.  Make sure any fish caught over thirteen pounds is weighed on a certified scale and call TPWD (888-784-0600)
  • Members are asked to read over the Club Constitution and policies.  Any changes regarding the Constitution or policies regarding tournament points or standings need to be brought up at the November meeting, nominated and then voted on at the December meeting.  Members are asked to make changes in writing.
  • Nominations for 2001 Officers will be made in November and voted on in December.
  • A motion was made to hold a regular business meeting in January instead of conducting business at the annual Holiday Party.  Members voted on this and we will hold a club meeting on Tuesday, January 4, 2011.
  • A date was chosen for the annual Holiday Party and it will be on Saturday, January 8.  Joe said that we could again hold it at the UT Club. We agreed to have a gift exchange as always but will not call it a “White Elephant” and ask that everyone bring in a new prize.  We forgot to set an amount so we will have to do that at the next meeting.  It is usually a $15-$20 gift per person.
  • Members voted to again bring prizes of their own to the December meeting and all monies collected that evening will be donated to charity.
  • Rosemarie Trevino reminded everyone that the next meeting, November 2, will be the last time to bring in gently used or new stuffed animals and books for Brown Santa.

Prize Drawing

Lesli had some great prizes, including the Grand Prize, which was a captains chair (won by Rosemarie Trevino!).  Cliff Davis had the steal token and stole from Lesli Brown so she will be able to steal from someone at the next meeting.

Members gathered on a stormy, rainy night at our new meeting location, the IHOP restaurant at 183 and Duvall.  Teams present were Brown, Connell, Davis, Martinez, Parish-Killough, Sanchez and Trevino.

President Brenda Davis opened the meeting by welcoming guests, Lee and James Roberts.  She extended Happy Anniversary wishes to Alice and Luther Lentz on September 19 and to Judy and Wayne Anderson on September 23.

Secretary Marilyn Connell thanked Brenda and Sugein Sanchez for filling in for her in August while she was on vacation.

Treasurer Cliff Davis presented the monthly financial report

Tournament Director, Pete Trevino announced the winners of the August 21 tournament on Lake Travis and presented the awards.

Members chose the times for the September 11 tournament on Choke Canyon.  The tournament will begin at 7:00 am and end at 4:00 pm with the weigh-in at South Shore.

The lake for the October 2 tournament has been changed to Lake Austin.  The tournament will be from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm and the weigh-in will be the 360 ramp.

Teams Brown, Nicholes-White, Parish-Killough and Sanchez will represent our club at the TABC Top 8 tournament on Choke Canyon the weekend of September 25 and 26.  The tournament information has been updated on the TABC website as of September 7. Good Luck to our TABC team!  We will be thinking of you that weekend!

Former MMBC member, James Roberts attended this meeting and spoke to club members about the October 23 & 24 Gone Fishing for Kids tournament on Lake LBJ

Thanks for speaking to us, James.  It was great to see you again!

Old Business: None

New Business:

  • Robert Brown volunteered to help Pete at the club weigh-ins
  • Members were reminded that both team members should bring the fish to the weigh-in, help remove the fish from the bags and also to mark the Women’s big bass.  Also be sure to stop by and have your photo taken!
  • Marilyn mentioned that she will not be present at the Choke Canyon tournament and Lesli Brown volunteered to write down the weights.  Thanks, Lesli!

Prize Drawing:

Lesli Brown, assisted by her precious daughter, Lilly, conducted the monthly prize drawing.  Cliff Davis now owns the steal token for the October  5th meeting.

The August meeting was held on Tuesday, August 3, 2010, at the Baby Acapulco Restaurant. Teams attending were: Brown, Davis, Gold, Parish/Killough, Sanchez, Trevino, Nicholes/White, and Martinez.Bass Club News Paper

Our President Brenda Davis opened the meeting with a series of birthday greetings: Allen Logan on the 1st, Brent Parish on the 8th, Jerry Gold on the 18th, and Tracy Bohmer on the 21st. Anniversary wishes went out to Jesse and Sugein Sanchez who will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary on the 5th.

Brenda let everyone know that our Club Secretary, Marilyn Connell is on vacation in Colorado so Sugein Sanchez has volunteered to take notes. Brenda also mentioned that Alan Logan suggested that we vote on making Pete Trevino our permanent Tournament Director as he will be unable to make it to several of our upcoming tournaments. The club members voted and Pete was officially made the Director.

Tournaments, Director Pete Trevino
Pete announced the winners from our July Stillhouse tournament and presented them with their winnings.

Members selected 5am to 1pm as the times of the August 21st Tournament to be held on Lake Travis. The weigh-in will be held at Arkansas Bend.

The September tournament will be held on Choke Canyon on Saturday the 11th. Fishing times will be decided at the meeting on the 7th.

October’s tournament will be held on Saturday, October 2nd. Members had chosen O.H. Ivie as the lake, but it was later brought to our attention that Bass Champs will be there on that date and no rooms are available so we will re-vote on a lake at our September 7th meeting.

Our November two-day tournament will be held at Lake Amistad on the 6th and 7th. Rooms for the 5th & 6th are being held at Angler’s Lodge and you can reach them at (830) 775-1586. Brenda must release the non-reserved rooms soon so please make your reservations.

Cliff Davis, Treasurer
Cliff updated us on our financial standings.

Old & New Business
The couples that will be making up the team to compete in the TABC State Championship September 25th and 26th at Choke Canyon Reservoir are, Sugein and Jesse Sanchez, Lesli and Robert Brown, and Leslie Killough and Brent Parish. There was a fourth position open and Lisa White and Larry Nicholes have filled it.

Robert has rented a house in Three Rivers for team members to stay in. The cost of the house as well as the $300 entry fee to the tournament was to be shared by the teams attending. (A few days following the meeting, Robert Brown, Jesse Sanchez, and Lisa White all secured sponsors for the event and most of the above expenses will be covered. Way to go Lisa, Robert, and Jesse!!!) The team will be donating a $25 door prize which will be bought with club funds by Lesli Brown.

Rosemarie Trevino reminded us that she is accepting gently used stuffed animals and books for distribution to Blue Santa. Keep them coming!!!

Prize Drawing, Lesli Brown, Vice President
Lesli did a great job with our monthly raffle. Joe Connell is the current holder of the steal token and he is on vacation so no one will be stealing until the September 7th meeting.

Thanks to Sugein for writing the newsletter this month, great job!

The July meeting was held on Tuesday, July 6, 2010, at the Baby Acapulco restaurant.  Teams attending were: Brown, Connell, Davis, Gold, Parish/Killough, Sanchez, Summers and Trevino.newsletter

President Brenda Davis opened the meeting and wished a Happy Birthday to Donna Tyree on July 8 and to Larry Nicholes on July 26, as well as a Happy 41st anniversary to Gail and Larry Pederzani on July 4th!  She also expressed congratulations to member Jim Tyree who received his “Master of Dentistry” in New Orleans the weekend of July 10 & 11.  We are proud of you, Jim! Brenda also read a Thank You card from Marilyn Connell.

Club Secretary Marilyn Connell again thanked the members for the Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet that she received while convalescing from knew surgery.  She also thanked Sugein Sanchez for stepping in with the June newsletter and tournament.  Marilyn also reminded members that she and Joe will miss the August meeting due to vacation plans.

Treasurer Cliff Davis gave the financial report.


Assistant Tournament Director Pete Trevino announced the winners of the June 5 Lake Belton tournament and presented awards.

Members selected 4:00 am to noon as the times of the July 10 Stillhouse Tournament with the weigh-in at the Stillhouse Marina and eating lunch there after the weigh-in.

The August 21st tournament will be held on Lake Travis and the times and weigh-in location will be chosen at the August 3rd club meeting.

The lake and date for September was selected and members will fish on September 11, 2010, at Choke Canyon.

The Fall Two-Day tournament dates and location were also chosen at this meeting.  We will fish Lake Amistad on November 6 and 7, 2010.  Rooms have been set aside at The Anglers Lodge on November 5 & 6.  Members are encouraged to make their reservations as soon as possible as the rooms cannot be held for too long.

Old Business

The Team members for the TABC were names.  Team Brown, Parish/Killough, Sanchez and Trevino will represent our club in this tournament to be held on September 25 & 26 on Choke Canyon.  Good luck everyone and thanks for fishing for the MMBC! The tournament and lodging fees will be paid by the above teams this year.  Because of that the club agreed to purchase the annual door prize with funds from the club treasury.  Vice-President and Number One club shopper, Lesli Brown, agreed to select the prize that our club will donate for the TABC raffle drawing.

Prize Drawing, Lesli Brown, Vice President

Lesli did her usual A+ job with the selection and raffle of prizes.  Cliff Davis, owner of the steal token, stole from Joe Connell.  Joe will not be at the August meeting but will carefully look over the prizes at the September meeting and select his favorite!!!

newsletterThe June Meeting was held on Tuesday, June 1st at our new meeting location, Baby Acapulco Restaurant near the Arboretum.  The 12 teams in attendance included:  Brown, Connell, Davis, Gold, Martinez, Parish/Killough, Pederazani, Sanchez, Summers, Nicholes/White, Trevino, and Logan.

President Brenda Davis called the meeting to order and welcomed the three guests who happen to all be children under the age of 11.  Brenda announced that birthday wishes go out to Glenda Summers on the 12th, Jason Cromleigh on the 17th, and Allen Summers on the 28th.  Anniversary wishes go to Joe and Marilyn Connell on the 2nd and Cliff and Brenda Davis on the 4th.  Brenda also let everyone know that our dear secretary, Marilyn, will be having total knee replacement surgery tomorrow.  We want to wish her a quick recovery.  Marilyn & Joe, we are here for you so let us know if you need any help with anything.

Secretary Marilyn Connell reminded everyone that due to her surgery, she will not be able to act as Secretary for June and July and due to vacation plans will not be present at the August meeting.  Sugein Sanchez volunteered to help out in her absence.

Treasurer Cliff Davis presented the financial report of the club.

Tournament Director, Allen Logan, was given the floor and we finalized the time for the Lake Belton June 5th Tournament.  Fishing times are 6:00am until 2:00pm and weigh-in will be at Temple Lake Park.

Brenda announced that she obtained a permit for our July 10th Stillhouse Tournament for Friday, July 9th at 10:00pm until Saturday, July 10th at 12:00pm.  The members present chose to keep those dates and times will be voted on at our next meeting.

Our August Tournament will be on the 21st at Lake Travis.  It will be a day tournament.

The new business was that Rosemarie Trevino listed all of  the charities she could recall that our club has sponsored in the past which are:  Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Capital Area Food Bank, Any Baby Can, Safe Place, and Coats for Kids.  If anyone can recall any others, please let Brenda know so that Brent can list them on our site under Communities and Charities.  Allen Summers asked that if you know of any ramps that need better lighting, to please bring it to his attention because TABC is looking to add solar lights to many of the ramps that don’t have any.

The old business is that no information is posted on the TABC website regarding the state championship date or lake.  Allen Summers, confirmed that they are still talking about having the tournament at Lake Falcon on September 25th.  Nothing has been finalized though.  The top four teams as per points, without drops two months prior to the tournament, will be eligible to compete in the TABC Championship.

Congratulations to Larry and Lisa White for picking up a beautiful ZX225 Skeeter boat from which we hear that Larry has already landed a six pounder from. Hopefully there are many more in yalls future.

Lastly Pete Trevino spoke about some problems they had with his hydraulic trim while at Amistad and with the help of club members and Two Guys Marine in Amistad they were able to get the issue resolved and get the Trevino’s back on the water.

Special thanks to Sugein Sanchez for taking over the secretarial duties and writing this newsletter while Marilyn is recovering from her surgery.