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Happy birthday to our club President, Jeff (November 9th) and club Secretary, Lee (me)(November 17th). If I missed any birthdays or anniversaries, I apologize and send x’s & o’s!!

The club held a ZOOM meeting on Tuesday, November 3rd with 6 teams participating. We will continue with Zoom meetings until we can safely meet in person again and are hopeful more teams will join next month. If you’re having difficulties with Zoom, please contact Emily for help. December meeting will be on Tuesday, December 1st. Watch for the Zoom invite from Emily. Emily will also send out a Survey for the December lake nomination/vote.

OCTOBER TOURNAMENT RESULTS – Lake Travis (5 teams fished):

1st – Buck (and his friend Bo) = 5 fish = weight: 14.52 lbs // Buck had MEN’S BIG BASS = weight: 6.28

2nd – Laurie & Mike = 5 fish = weight: 10.97 lbs.

3rd – Rose & Pete = 5 fish = weight: 9.27 lbs.

4th – Brenda & Cliff = 5 fish = weight: 8.35 lbs.

5th – Glenda & Allen = 4 fish = weight: 8.08 lbs. Glenda had WOMEN’S BIG BASS = weight: 2.97 lbs.


November tournament will be back on Lake Travis on Saturday, November 14th beginning at 6:30 a.m. and ending at 2:30 p.m. with weigh in at Mansfield Dam.


– The Annual Christmas Party = it has been decided there will be NO party due to the Pandemic. We discussed possibly having a Spring party. Awards will likely be mailed out.  

– We briefly discussed the club’s web site and will continue with the web site for now. Cliff will pay the fee.

– Cliff will send out a Treasurer’s Report this month; keep an eye out for it.

–   Officer Nominations were made:

PRESIDENT – John Brown (nominated) // does anyone else want to put their name in the running?

VICE-PRESIDENT – Mike Newsham (has agreed to hold the position another year)

SECRETARY – Lee Roberts (has agreed to hold the position another year)

TREASURER – Cliff Davis (has agreed to hold the position another year)

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR – Karl Wacker and Buck Taylor (nominated)

FACEBOOK – Laurie Wilson (hoping she will continue with the updates. Laurie, please advise)

MEDIA/PHOTOS – Emily Huebel (with Sara Kriegh as backup)

That’s all I’ve got.

~ Lee

Happy October and Happy Halloween!!
We had our first ZOOM meeting this month; it was great to see those of you that attended. Hopefully, next month, we will have more members join the Zoom meeting, which will be on Tuesday, November 3rd. Watch for the Zoom invite from Emily. 

October tournament will be held Saturday, October 24th on Lake Travis beginning at 6:30 a.m. and ending at 2:30 p.m. with weigh in at Mansfield Dam.
– The Annual Christmas Party was brought up, but no plans were made. Please have some ideas ready to discuss during the November meeting.

– We discussed doing away with the club’s web site and using Facebook only. The web site is approx. $55/year. We will further discuss, next month, keeping the web site another year while we continue to discuss changes. Please give this some thought as we will discuss this again during the November meeting.

– It is the club’s plan to continue to meet via Zoom in November and December. In late December/early January 2021, we will discuss whether to continue Zoom or get back to IHOP. Only time will tell.

– Watch for emails from Emily for November Zoom meeting AND survey for November tourney.
Thanks everyone! Stay safe and well! 
~ Lee

September Newsletter

Please consider this as the SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER.  I sure hope that one day, in the not so distant future, we can resume our meetings. 
IF you notice that I’ve left anyone off of the list above, please notify me and forward the newsletter as I did this one from memory (scary, I know).
AUGUST TOURNAMENT RESULTS – Lake Buchanan (3 teams fished; others teams showed up, but decided against fishing in the yucky weather):
1st – SUMMERS, Glenda & Allen = 1 fish = weight: 3.06 lbs = Allen had men’s big bass
2nd – NEWSHAM, Laurie & Mike = 1 fish = weight: 2.33 lbs
3rd – Sara & Buck = 1 fish = weight: 2.27 lbs
No women’s big bass.  
September tournament will be held Saturday, September 19th on Belton beginning at 6:30 a.m. and ending at 3:00 p.m. with weigh in at Temple Lake Park..
~ Lee
Hello All!!
Please consider this as the JULY NEWSLETTER.  Since we’re still not meeting (due to COVID), there is still little else to report other than June results, July details and WILSON BABIES!!
1st – DAVIS, Brenda & Cliff = total weight: 17.94 lbs
2nd – WACKER, Monica & Karl = 16.40 lbs
3rd – TAYLOR, Sara & Buck = 12.93 lbs
4th – TREVINO, Rosemarie & Pete = 10.64 lbs
5th – SUMMERS, Glenda & Allen = 9.54 lbs.
Those are some good numbers!!
July tournament will be held Saturday, July 25th on Stillhouse beginning at 5:00 a.m. and ending with weigh in at 12:00 p.m. (noon) at Union Grove.
For those that did not see the announcement on Facebook; Laurie and Steve’s precious future fishing partners, Sterling Scott and Colby Dale made their appearance yesterday evening (July 8th).  Mom and the boys look like they’re doing fantastic!  CONGRATS Wilson family!
Thanks everyone!  Stay well!
~ Lee

June Tournament:
Date: 6-27-20
Location: Fayette- photo tournament
Weigh In: Oak Thicket
Time: 5:00am-1:00 pm

President’s Welcome: Jeff Huebel
We had our March meeting, which was run by Vice-President Mike Newsham. Great job, Mike! Happy birthday to Steve Wilson (10th), Cliff Davis (11th) and Brenda Davis (29th); and Happy Anniversary to Team Summers and Team Huebel (31st).

Treasurer’s Report: Cliff Davis
Cliff handed out the treasurer’s report and explained the difference in the payout for the Decker tourney (no big bass – money held in club account) and the Belton tourney (big bass – additional money from Decker tourney added to all payouts). If you have any questions, please give Cliff a call.

Tournament Director: Allen Summers
The February tournament was held on Belton. 6 teams fished. Results: 3rd place – Team Trevino with 2.68 pounds; 2nd place – Team Brown with 6.69 pounds; and 1st place – Team Taylor/Kriegh with 10.29 pounds. Men’s Big Bass went to Buck = 4.49 pounds and Women’s Big Bass went to Melissa Brown = 2.00 pounds. Great fishing and congratulations to all!!

March Tournament:
Date: 3-7-2020
Location: LBJ
Weigh In: Cottonwood Shores Boat Ramp
Time: 6:30 am – 2:30 pm

April Tournament:
Date: 4-4-2020
Location: Travis

May Tournament:
Date: 5-31-2020

Old Business:
2-day spring tourney was voted out.

New Business:
No new business was discussed.

Raffle time: Mike had another great raffle!

Good luck to all that will be fishing this weekend on LBJ!
Steal token still belongs to Laurie Newsham as she missed the meeting last night.
Hope you’re feeling better Laurie and all others that missed due to illness.
~ Lee