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I wanted to post a link to the 2015 AOY Points Standings excel document before tomorrow’s meeting.  I have not had time to post the full tournament results and AOY since we had two back to back tournaments and then our meeting the following Tuesday.  I will have the LBJ results and AOY posts done within a week.  The LBJ pictures have already been posted.

See you guys Tuesday at the meeting!


The officers have made the decision that the December tournament will indeed be held on Decker Lake (Walter E. Long Lake) from 9am-2pm, tomorrow, December 7th.  At this time the forecast indicates that there should not be any late-night or early-morning precipitation tomorrow.  The roads should be safe to travel.

Weigh in will be held at the only boat ramp on the lake.  James Roberts is bringing some rock salt to put on the ramp in case any ice issues arise.

This is a picture/paper tournament.  The item to place in the picture with your fish for this tournament will be a spinnerbait.

Here are the fishing regulations for the lake. 

Black bass
For largemouth bass, length limit is a 14-21” slot. Only one largemouth bass (per angler) 21 inches or greater may be retained each day.

For those of you fishing tomorrow, bundle up and be safe. 

Please forward this message to anyone in the club who might not be signed up on the MMCB website yet. (the newer members)

ice-bassOur December tournament is tentatively scheduled for Saturday December 7th on Decker Lake from 9am-2pm.  This will be a paper/picture tournament.
If there is inclement weather which results in dangerous travel to or from the lake we will reschedule the tournament for the next Saturday, December 14th.
On Friday December 6th, (around noon) the club officers will make a decision on whether we will have the tournament on Saturday December 7th or postpone it until the following Saturday. 

Once we receive their decision, I will make another post to update everyone.


Click for more TABC Images

Click for more TABC Images

We sent 2 teams of 4 boats to the TABC Top 8 State Championship at Sam Rayburn Reservoir.  Team #1 placed 11th with a 2-day total of 45.91 lbs out of 26 teams and Team #2 placed 19th with a 2-day total of 38.77lbs.  We may not have placed in the top 3 but we sure had fun while we were out there, even when the monsoon hit and we were having to fish with thunder, lightening heavy rain that sometimes made it difficult to even cast.  Some of the lessons that we learned during this time were 1.) If you cast and your line just floats in the air, it’s time to drop the rod and hit the deck. 2.) If you hear a humming noise coming from your rod, it’s time to hit the deck. 3.) When there is lightening in the area make sure you are not the tallest person in the boat and, yep you guessed it hit the deck! 4.) Rain suits do not work very well during rain like this and you still get wet even with a 500 mph suit.. just ask Brent!

-Leslie B

BassKing_LUNKER-PHOTO-CONTEST_September-20121Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

Check it out!  Jared Hagaman won the Bass King lunker photo contest for September.  Double Trouble!!  That’s sweet!


The Mr and Mrs Bass Club of Austin Finish Second Place at TABC State Championship!!!!

Thanks to our great sponsors, MMBC sent three teams to this years TABC state championship tournament held on Lake Amistad.  Once all the dust settled, team one took second place  overall.  We are SO proud of them!  That team was comprised of:  Lesli and Robert Brown, Brenda and Cliff Davis, Leslie Killough and Brent Parish, and Jesse Sanchez and Larry Pederzani.  Their two day tournament total was 68.11 pounds!  Teams Two and Three did not fare as well but brought fish to the weigh-in and had a great, fun time.

We would like to thank Glenda and Allen Summers for their participation and support with TABC and also thank all the volunteers and TABC officers.  They worked tirelessly all weekend so anglers from all around Texas could have a great time. The MMBC also sold the most raffle tickets and so our club received reimbursement one entry fee of $400.00.  MMBC ROCKS!!!!

More info can be found here for results:  or for photos click here: