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LAKE: Choke Canyon DATE: February 27th, 2010 TIME:6:30am – 3:30pm WEIGH IN: South Shore Unit Tournament Images Eleven MMBC teams hit the waters of Choke Canyon early saturday morning with hopes of hooking into one on the many Share A Lunker bass who call Choke Canyon their home.  The morning started off cold and crisp […]

Sugein and Jessie Sanchez Current 2010 Anglers of the Year Team No Drop Total Drop Two Total Sanchez 105 105 Brown 99 99 Connell 96 96 Logan 96 96 Killough/Parish 96 96 Davis 91 91 Lentz 88 88 Bohmer 83 83 Trevino 82 82 Gold 49 49 Summers 49 49 Nichols/White 47 47 Anderson 44 […]

Time schedule for the Bassmaster Classic shows on ESPN 2010 BASSMASTER CLASSIC TV SCHEDULE 2/20/2010 SAT 10:00A 11:00A BASSMASTER ESPN2 2010 Bassmaster Classic Day One Lay Lake – Birmingham, AL 2/20/2010 SAT 10:00P 12:00A BASSMASTER ESPN2 2010 Bassmaster Classic Day Two Lay Lake – Birmingham, AL 2/21/2010 SUN 6:00A 7:00A BASSMASTER ESPN2 2010 Bassmaster Classic […]

Newlyweds Jim and Donna Tyree have been recognized by ESPN for being the “perfect couple” and we couldn’t agree more!   Congratulations Jim and Donna.  What a cool way to kick off your marriage!  We hope yall have a blast at the classic.  Take lots of pictures so we can share them here on our site. […]

Rosemarie Trevino suggested that members donate gently used stuffed animals and books (can often be found at thrift stores) and bring them to club meetings. She will distribute them to Blue Santa as there is a great need. Please contact Rosemarie for further information.

LAKE: Travis DATE: January 23rd, 2010 TIME: 8:00am – 4:00pm WEIGH IN: Mansfield Dam Tournament Images Saturday started with cool temperatures and a little breeze. The fish for the most part must have been on a strict diet because few of them were willing to bite a lure. Of course, there’s always someone who figures […]