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LAKE Fayette DATE June 27, 2020 TIME 5:00 am- 1:00 pm WEIGH IN Oak Thicket Number of Teams Participated 5 Number of Limits Weighed   Number of Bass Weighed   Total Pounds of Bass Caught 67.45 Average Number Bass per Team   Average pounds per Bass   Average pounds per Team 13.49   Place Team […]

June Tournament: Date: 6-27-20 Location: Fayette- photo tournament Weigh In: Oak Thicket Time: 5:00am-1:00 pm

LAKE LBJ DATE March 7, 2020 TIME 6:30 am- 2:30 pm WEIGH IN Cottonwood Number of Teams Participated 7 Number of Limits Weighed 0 Number of Bass Weighed 15 Total Pounds of Bass Caught 36.85 Average Number Bass per Team 2 Average pounds per Bass 2.46 Average pounds per Team 5.26   Place Team # […]

LAKE LBJ DATE May 31, 2020 TIME 2:00 am-10:00 am WEIGH IN Blue Briar Number of Teams Participated 6 Number of Limits Weighed 1 Number of Bass Weighed 14 Total Pounds of Bass Caught 34.34 Average Number Bass per Team 2 Average pounds per Bass 2.45 Average pounds per Team 5.73   Place Team # […]

Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy! Here’s the latest information for our May tournament.   May Tournament: Date: 5-31-2020 Location: LBJ night Weigh In: Blue Briar Time: 2:00 am – 10:00 am   The June meeting is tentative on being held, based on government restrictions. The June tournament will be voted on through survey monkey again. […]

Hello All!! Due to the restrictions in place with Travis and Williamson counties, we have decided it would be best to cancel the April 4 tournament on Travis. Of course the April meeting will be cancelled as well since we cannot meet anywhere. We can discuss further logistics as the May tournament approaches, but it […]