Club Constitution

2024 MMBC Club Constitution

Section I: Membership

1. Membership in this non-profit organization, which shall be named the Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club of Austin, shall be limited to teams consisting of a male and female.

2. New members must join the club at a monthly business meeting and must pay their annual dues prior to fishing a club event.

3.  A member may fish a club tournament alone but a team may only fish with a guest twice in a given year (being January through December of said year). Only club members are eligible for the Big Bass of the Year award. If not fishing a club tournament as a member couple, a member may fish alone anytime. The member may fish with a family member guest 16 years old or younger up to 6 times per calendar year or with an adult guest up to 2 times per calendar year, but no more than 6 times in the aggregate. Family member may not fish a 2 day tournament.

4. Each club member present will have one vote per issue except for tournament dates and times.

5. In case of the death of a member, the surviving team member shall be eligible to continue participation, with full rights, for the remainder of the club year in which the death occurs. The surviving member will be able to fish alone or with the partner of their own choosing.

Section II: Organization

1. The officers of this club will be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Tournament Director. The President and Vice-President cannot be from the same team. Officers for the upcoming year will be nominated in November and elected at the December meeting. Nominations and secret election ballots will be conducted for each position in the following order: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Tournament Director. Each individual nominated must accept the nomination prior to voting on the specific position. Newly elected officers will become official at the January meeting.

2. There will be a Board of Directors consisting of the current officers and the past president. This Board shall help with all club functions and make emergency decisions when a special meeting is not feasible.

3. The President shall preside at all club functions. If the President is unavailable, the Vice-President will preside.

4. The Vice-President will be responsible for the purchase of raffle prizes and will preside at all club functions when the President is not present.

5. The Secretary shall keep all records and handle correspondence for the club.

6. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial matters of the club.

7. The Tournament Director will be responsible for the weigh-in at each event and keep the club scales. In the event that the Tournament Director is not available, another officer will conduct the weigh- in.

Section III: Membership Dues

1. 1. Dues shall be $30.00 per team per year and are due by the February meeting. Teams will not be eligible to fish any tournaments following the February meeting until dues are paid.

2. Dues for new members will be calculated at a rate of $2.50 per month if joining after January.

Section IV: Amendments

1. Proposed changes to the Constitution may be made and voted on at any Club meeting during the year. It will require a majority vote at the meeting to be placed on the December agenda, at which time it will require a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that all members are notified prior to the meeting.

2. Policies may be amended at any regularly scheduled meeting. A vote will be taken of members present immediately following the proposal of a policy amendment. If a two-thirds majority vote by members present is obtained, the proposal will then be published in the newsletter preceding the next regularly scheduled club meeting and a second vote will be taken at said meeting. If on second reading the proposal wins by two-thirds majority vote of members present, it will become policy.

3. The point system cannot be changed during a calendar year.

Section V: Standard Eligibility

1. All federal, state and local fishing laws shall prevail at all club tournaments.

2. Fish eligible for club tournaments and Big Bass awards shall be limited to Black, Spotted, Small-Mouth Bass, and Guadalupe Bass.