Club Policy

2024 MMBC Club Policy


Section I: Meetings

1. Club meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month at a meeting location agreed upon by the members. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM. Attendance at the meetings will be restricted to club members and eligible guests. Eligible guests would include potential new members, and other family members of the existing members. Children will be allowed to attend if they are not disruptive. Children and Guests are not allowed to vote on issues or participate in discussions other than when called upon to do so.

Section II: Tournaments

1. Tournament Dates will be selected at a monthly meeting two months prior to the month in which they are held and lakes will be selected at a monthly meeting one month prior to the month in which they are held. Tournament Times and Weigh-in site will be voted on, in that order, at a meeting held prior to the tournament. There will be a run off vote of the top two lakes voted in. If there is a tie between these two lakes the club president will cast the deciding vote. If nominating a “slot lake” the nomination should include either fishing that lake according to “state regulations” or a “paper tournament.” If a night tournament is chosen by the club, the start time of that tournament may begin in the evening of the day before the chosen date.

2. The Board of Directors may cancel or change a tournament location, date, time and weigh-in site if necessary due to unsafe or hazardous circumstances, whatever the cause. If club members select and vote in a tournament date, location, time and weigh-in site which later becomes unsatisfactory with a majority of club members, it will be allowable for members to make a motion to change unsatisfactory results and revote on the issue at a monthly meeting.

3. A fee of $40. 00 per team shall be paid in order to participate in a tournament and be eligible for prizes.

4. All fishing during a tournament must be done from a boat, fishing with one line per person in the water at a time and no trolling by gasoline engine is allowed.

5. Children may fish during a tournament in the team’s boat, so long as their catch is kept separate from the team’s fish.

6. All fish will be measured lying flat on their side with mouth closed and tail fin squeezed to obtain maximum overall length.

7. Each Team may weigh in five fish per day. Largemouth/Black Bass and Smallmouth Bass, 14 inches minimum length. Spotted and Guadalupe Bass 12 inches minimum length. When fishing a slot lake (paper or lake rules) no bass less than 12 inches may be weighed in.

8. The Tournament Director will measure fish at his or her discretion using the “Check-It Stick.”  A .25-pound deduction will be assessed PER dead fish at the weigh-in. It will be up to our Tournament Director to determine if a fish is dead.

9. Participating teams may launch from any location on the lake. Teams may not begin fishing until the official start time, using “cell phone” time.

10. As few as one team constitutes a tournament.

11. When fishing a paper tournament each team will receive a score sheet to capture the length/weight of each fish before releasing the fish. In order to qualify for Big Bass in a Paper Tournament, the fish would have to exceed the length limit and be officially weighed in on the club scales at the event. If no Big Bass for either Men or Women, or both, are weighed in, the money will go toward awards for First, Second or Third (if indicated) places.

12. To be eligible to weigh-in tournament fish, at least one team member must check-in with the tournament director by the appointed time.

13. Women’s Big Bass must come to the weigh-in station marked.

14. The Official start of the Weigh-In will be determined by the Tournament Director. The appointed time will be determined by using cell phone time.

15. All protests must be submitted either verbally or in writing within fifteen minutes after weigh-in is completed.

16. The club shall not fish the same body of water in any two consecutive months.

17. The club recommends that all members wear an approved PFD and have the kill switch properly engaged whenever the boat is on plane.

18. If you launch your boat on tournament waters on tournament day you will be considered fishing the tournament unless you have notified the club otherwise.

19. A member may fish a club tournament alone but a team may only fish with a guest twice in a given year (being January through December of said year). Should such a guest subsequently join the club that guest will not count against the team’s allotment of fishing with non-members.

20. A two-day club tournament is limited to members of the club only or a member may fish alone.

Section III: Awards

Tournaments 1. Tournaments-Tournament fee will be $40.00 per team. 75% payback ($30.00) to the tournament pot and 25% ($10.00) to go into club funds, with $5.00 going to Men and Women’s Big Bass @$2.50 each and $25.00 going for team position award in the following manner: (same as above)

Number of teams fishing Tournament Pot Payout
1-3 1st place 75%
4-8 1st place 60%, 2nd place 40%
9+ 1st place 50%, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 20%

2. Annual- Awards will be awarded to the first, second, and third place teams for fish caught during each calendar year (January 1st -December 31st) and for big bass for men and women. To be eligible, members must fish at least half of the tournaments and attend at least half of the meetings for that calendar year. 3. Point System- Team trophies will be awarded at the end of the year based on the following point system:

Attending meetings, per Team 0 Points
First Place Tournament 50 Points
Second Place Tournament 49 Points
Third Place Tournament 48 Points
Fourth Place Tournament 47 Points
Fifth Place Tournament 46 Points
Sixth Place Tournament 45 Points
Seventh Place Tournament 44 Points
Eighth Place Tournament 43 Points
Ninth Place Tournament 42 Points
and so on and so on
No Fish Weighed In 35 Points

Points will continue in 1 point increments to include every team weighing in fish. Teams not weighing in fish during the tournament will receive 35 points.

In case of ties the next place will be eliminated (Example: If there is a tie for Third Place, both teams will receive 48 points. There will no Fourth Place awarded. The next team will be awarded Fifth place with 46 points.

4. Tournament Drops – Club members compete in a 10 tournament season. 12 monthly tournaments will be held (January through December) and the teams’ points from their 10 best finishes will be tallied to determine the standings for the entire calendar year.

5. If you leave the tournament early and do not show up at weigh-in without notifying another club member you will not receive show points.

Section IV: Selection of Team to participate in the TABC Championship Tournament

1. The teams eligible to represent this club in the annual TABC Championship shall be those teams who are in place one through four without any drops, exactly two months prior to the Championship Tournament. Additional teams may be selected in the same manner.

Section V: Standard Eligibility

1. All Tournament fish, and Big Bass award fish, will be caught on artificial lures, in public waters, in Texas or waters bounding the Texas border.

2. Fish eligible for club tournaments and for Big Bass awards must be caught during a club sanctioned tournament.