The following teams attended: Huebel, Brown, Taylor, Anderson, Davis, Newsham, Wacker, Trevino, Summers 
We discussed the LBJ tournament results and the upcoming tournaments

Saturday jan 23 – Decker lake (paper photo) – 7-2:30



Saturday feb 20 – Fayette (paper photo), oak thicket
The club also discussed and approved spending $150 to sign up for a Zoom membership. Cliff will mail a check to me and I will register. 
We discussed a couple of options for scoring changes. Folks will gather their ideas, send to John and we will discuss them at the February meeting. If any changes are decided, the changes will apply retroactively to the January tournament results. 
Please send your contact information to John and he will create a new contact list since we are having issues with logging in to the website. 
Buck requested that we do a “roll call” of teams planning on attending the tournaments. This can be done the night before with a simple text or email chain. This is for safety reasons and so we can know who to keep an eye out for at the ramps and on the lake. 
I think that about covers it. If I left anything out, please just reply all! 
Hope to see y’all at Decker!