Happy birthday to our club President, Jeff (November 9th) and club Secretary, Lee (me)(November 17th). If I missed any birthdays or anniversaries, I apologize and send x’s & o’s!!

The club held a ZOOM meeting on Tuesday, November 3rd with 6 teams participating. We will continue with Zoom meetings until we can safely meet in person again and are hopeful more teams will join next month. If you’re having difficulties with Zoom, please contact Emily for help. December meeting will be on Tuesday, December 1st. Watch for the Zoom invite from Emily. Emily will also send out a Survey for the December lake nomination/vote.

OCTOBER TOURNAMENT RESULTS – Lake Travis (5 teams fished):

1st – Buck (and his friend Bo) = 5 fish = weight: 14.52 lbs // Buck had MEN’S BIG BASS = weight: 6.28

2nd – Laurie & Mike = 5 fish = weight: 10.97 lbs.

3rd – Rose & Pete = 5 fish = weight: 9.27 lbs.

4th – Brenda & Cliff = 5 fish = weight: 8.35 lbs.

5th – Glenda & Allen = 4 fish = weight: 8.08 lbs. Glenda had WOMEN’S BIG BASS = weight: 2.97 lbs.


November tournament will be back on Lake Travis on Saturday, November 14th beginning at 6:30 a.m. and ending at 2:30 p.m. with weigh in at Mansfield Dam.


– The Annual Christmas Party = it has been decided there will be NO party due to the Pandemic. We discussed possibly having a Spring party. Awards will likely be mailed out.  

– We briefly discussed the club’s web site and will continue with the web site for now. Cliff will pay the fee.

– Cliff will send out a Treasurer’s Report this month; keep an eye out for it.

–   Officer Nominations were made:

PRESIDENT – John Brown (nominated) // does anyone else want to put their name in the running?

VICE-PRESIDENT – Mike Newsham (has agreed to hold the position another year)

SECRETARY – Lee Roberts (has agreed to hold the position another year)

TREASURER – Cliff Davis (has agreed to hold the position another year)

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR – Karl Wacker and Buck Taylor (nominated)

FACEBOOK – Laurie Wilson (hoping she will continue with the updates. Laurie, please advise)

MEDIA/PHOTOS – Emily Huebel (with Sara Kriegh as backup)

That’s all I’ve got.

~ Lee