Happy October and Happy Halloween!!
We had our first ZOOM meeting this month; it was great to see those of you that attended. Hopefully, next month, we will have more members join the Zoom meeting, which will be on Tuesday, November 3rd. Watch for the Zoom invite from Emily. 

October tournament will be held Saturday, October 24th on Lake Travis beginning at 6:30 a.m. and ending at 2:30 p.m. with weigh in at Mansfield Dam.
– The Annual Christmas Party was brought up, but no plans were made. Please have some ideas ready to discuss during the November meeting.

– We discussed doing away with the club’s web site and using Facebook only. The web site is approx. $55/year. We will further discuss, next month, keeping the web site another year while we continue to discuss changes. Please give this some thought as we will discuss this again during the November meeting.

– It is the club’s plan to continue to meet via Zoom in November and December. In late December/early January 2021, we will discuss whether to continue Zoom or get back to IHOP. Only time will tell.

– Watch for emails from Emily for November Zoom meeting AND survey for November tourney.
Thanks everyone! Stay safe and well! 
~ Lee