President’s Welcome: Jeff Huebel

We had our February meeting and attendance was great! Thanks to all that came out. Happy birthday to John Brown (4th) and Melissa Brown (11th); and Happy Anniversary to Team Roberts (19th).

Treasurer’s Report: Cliff Davis Cliff handed out the treasurer’s report.

Tournament Director: Allen Summers

The January tournament was held on Decker. 6 teams fished. Results: 3rd place – Team Trevino with 11.23 pounds; 2nd place – Team Brown with 11.47 pounds; and 1st place – Team Davis with 14.81 pounds. WOW, great fishing! Congratulations to all!!

February Tournament:

Date: 2-15-20

Location: Belton

Weigh In: Temple Lake Park

Time: 7:00 am- 3:00 pm

March Tournament:

Date: 3-7-20

Location: LBJ

April Tournament:

Date: 4-4-20

Old Business: All dues has been paid for the 2020 year. THANKS EVERYONE!

New Business:

Our spring 2-day tournament was discussed at great length; however, it was tabled to be re-visited at the March meeting. We did discuss the possibility of a 2-day local tournament, which means 2 local lakes (or the same lake both days) wherein teams can stay at a nearby hotel or travel to and from home each day. Again, nothing set in stone; please bring lake ideas and accommodation ideas.

Raffle time: Mike (with Pete’s help) ended the night with an awesome raffle! Hope to have a BIG turnout for the Belton tournament!

Steal token belongs to Laurie Newsham. ~ Lee