iced-bob…but the fishing was somewhat luke-warm.  Three teams showed up at Decker Lake today to brave the icy below freezing weather.  The Browns, James Roberts and Leslie/Brent all put their boats in the frigid waters of Decker lake.  Within short time they were all found huddled together in the semi-warm waters of the discharge.  To only say it was cold seems like a drastic understatement.  It was actually pretty brutal. Spray off the water would freeze immediately upon contact with the boat.  On top of that, we all got a good workout from bending over to dip our rods in the water to remove the ice every couple of casts.  Those of you who stayed home are probably the smarter of us all.  We all still had fun and everyone caught some fish.  Robert and Lesli won, with a limit of 17 something pounds. Robert even had an over!  We concluded the day with a Mexican food feast at a little place in Manor.  Wish y’all could have suffered with us!