Leslie Killough and Brent Parish on Stillhouse Hollow

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Stillhouse Hollow Tournament – Team Parish / Killough win two in a row!!

LAKE: Stillhouse Hollow
DATE: August 11th, 2012
TIME: 4:00am – Noon
WEIGH IN: River’s Bend Park

Stillhouse Hollow Tournament Results – The Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club of Austin held its eighth tournament of the year on the crystal clear and apparently fish barren waters of Stillhouse Hollow. Only four of the twelve teams competing managed to bring fish to the scales. Eight teams had zero fish to weigh in. Talk about a greedy lake!
As our pre-tournament poll predicted, one team did manage to catch a limit. That team was Leslie Killough and Brent Parish. They brought five fish to the scales weighing 8.33 lbs. Leslie also took Women’s big bass honors with a 1.97 pound largemouth. Once again, Leslie narrowly beat Marilyn Connell’s 1.92 lb bass. Speaking of the Connell’s, they took second place honors two tournaments in a row.  This time with two fish weighing 3.40 lbs. In third place, with one fish, and also with men’s big bass of 2.42 pounds, was the team of Jesse and Gina Martinez. Team Davis was the last team that was able to catch a keeper for weigh-in which landed them in fourth place.

We knew it was going to be a tough tournament ahead of time due to the poor reports we found online. I think a lot of anglers were surprised when they didn’t manage to bring a single keeper to weigh in. From our findings, the five keepers we caught were all in 22-27 feet of water. That’s really deep! We caught them on on Strike King XD6 and Norman DD22 crank baits (8 lb test) and carolina rigged flukes and lizards.

Next month the Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club of Austin will be heading to Lake Belton for our September tournament. If history repeats itself, as it often does, this will also be a tough fishing tournament. Good luck everyone.

Number of Teams Participated = 12
Number of Limits Weighed = 1
Total Number of Bass Weighed = 9
Total Weight of Bass Caught = 15.8 lbs
Average Number of Bass per Team = .075
Average Weight per Bass = 1.75 lbs
Average Weight per Team = 1.31 lbs

The Year to Date Lake Summary Charts page has also been updated.

Place Team # of Fish Weight (LBS) WBB(LBS) MBB(LBS) Points
1 Parish/Killough 5 8.33 1.92 50
2 Connell 2 3.40 49
3 Martinez 1 2.42  2.42 48
4 Davis 1 1.65 47
5 Burns/Reagan 0 0 30
5 Gold 0 0 30
5 Hagaman 0 0 30
5 Huebel/Smith 0 0 30
5 Roberts 0 0 30
5 Summers 0 0 30
5 Trevino 0 0 30
5 Wacker 0 0 30
DNF Brown DNF 0 0
DNF Sanchez DNF 0 0

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