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Lake Austin Tournament – Team Parish / Killough seize victory on greedy Lake Austin!!

LAKE: Austin
DATE: July 7th-8th, 2012
TIME: July 7th, 11:59pm – July 8th, 9:00am
WEIGH IN: 360 Bridge

Lake Austin Tournament Results – The Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club of Austin met in the middle of the night on Lake Austin for its first night tournament of the 2012 season.  There was 3/4 of a moon present but it could not be seen due to the cloud cover and occasional light rain.  Nonetheless, we had a record breaking 14 teams show up to test their fishing skills against the shrewd bass that call Lake Austin home.

During our Lake Austin tournament fishing proved to be tough for most teams with only one limit of fish brought to the scales Sunday morning.  Despite the low number of bass, there were a few nice fish caught from the grassy haunts of Lake Austin.  Marilyn Connell managed to land a beautiful 7.81 pound lunker which took the woman’s big bass honors of the tournament.  Marilyn narrowly missed over taking Suegin Sanches’ 7.92 pound Falcon bass for the women’s big bass for the year award.  Close one Sugein! 

Team Parish / Killough stood above the rest of the field with an impressive limit weighing 16.43 pounds and taking men’s big bass honors with a nice 5.71 pound largemouth.  The team reported that they culled up four times during tournament hours.  All fish were caught on lightly weighted zoom flukes and weightless senkos in the grass around and above City Park in 8 to 12 foot of water.  As daylight broke, the team caught a couple on zara spooks and horny toad frogs but none they were able to use as upgrades. 

In second place, and taking women’s big bass honors was team Connell.  They brought only two fish to the scales but with Marilyn’s 7.81 pounder they accumulated a total of 9.02 pounds which was good enough for a second place finish.  Great job guys!  Rounding out the top three, and in the money for the first time since joining the club in March, was team Hagaman.  They weighed in three fish for a total of 8.52 pounds which included a nice 4 pounder.  Congrats on your top three finish guys! 

Next month the Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club of Austin will be heading to Lake Stillhouse Hollow.  Stay Tuned. 

Number of Teams Participated = 14
Number of Limits Weighed = 1
Total Number of Bass Weighed = 23
Total Weight of Bass Caught = 60.94 lbs
Average Number of Bass per Team = 1.64
Average Weight per Bass = 2.65 lbs
Average Weight per Team = 4.35 lbs

The Year to Date Lake Summary Charts page has also been updated.

Place Team # of Fish Weight (LBS) WBB(LBS) MBB(LBS) Points
1 Parish/Killough 5 16.43   5.71 50
2 Connell 2 9.02  7.81   49
3 Hagaman 3 8.52     48
4 Brown 3 6.24     47
5 Roberts 3 5.93     46
6 Gold 2 4.51     45
7 Summers 2 4.50     44
8 Davis 2 3.40     43
9 Martinez 1 2.14     42
10 Trevino 0 0     30
10 Sanchez 0 0     30
10 Wacker 0 0     30
10 Burns/Reagan 0 0     30
10 Huebel/Smith 0 0     30

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