Cedar Park Heritage Festival and Parade

MMBC Cedar Park Heritage Festival

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On April 9th the Mr and Mrs Bass club of Austin made an appearance at the Cedar Park Heritage festival and parade.  Jessie and Gina Martinez, Rosemarie and Pete Trevino, Robert and Leslie Brown with daughter Lilly, Brent Parish, Leslie Killough and daughters Tori and Katlyn all showed up to be a part of the parade.  Rosemarie and Pete had a bubble machine and large stuffed tiger on their boat with proved to be a big hit with the crowds.



Georgetown Red Poppy Festival Parade

MMBC Georgetown Red Poppy Parade

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Then again on April 16 The Mr and Mrs Bass Club made another parade appearance only this time in Georgetown for its annual Red Poppy Festival.  Pete and Rose Trevino and Brent Parish along with step daughters Tori and Katlyn all showed up to participate in the event.  The bubble machine once again was a big hit and thanks to Glenda Summers, the Parish boat had a large stuffed bass on board which seemed to be quite the conversation starter.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to participate.  It was a lot of fun waving and smiling to all the parade attendees.  I look forward to doing more of these in the future and hope that you do too.