Soldier on the water 2010Soldier on the Water 2010

By Pete Trevino

Soldier on the water was put on by Canyon Bass Club at Lake Bastrop and had many sponsors.

Tony Brawdy was the soldier in my boat, he’s from Oklahoma. (I didn’t hold it against him)

All of the servicemen and servicewomen that participated had been injured on the battlefield.
Most of them had walking canes, others walked with a limp , one was in a wheelchair (his legs had been removed).

It was truly awesome to be able to spend a day with one of our soldiers who had been over there “taking care of business”.
He used to be a 50 cal-gunner, is now recovering from is wounds and will be getting out of the service at the end of this year.

On the way home I couldn’t help to think of what the men and women in the service have to go through so we can have the freedom to go fishing and live the country that is so wonderful…

I hope next year more of the Mr and Mrs can participate in this great outing or one similar.

-Pete Trevino