LAKE: Lake Stillhouse Hollow
DATE: July 10th, 2010
TIME: 4:00am – Noon
WEIGH IN: Stillhouse Hollow Marina

Tournament Images

Recently it seems that the “good old days” of excellent bass fishing on Stillhouse Hollow have become a thing of the past.  Come to think of it, it seems that the bass fishing has been extremely tough on all the lakes we have visited lately.  I don’t think the fish have gotten any smarter, nor do I believe we as anglers have digressed.  I guess the summer’s heat is just too much for fish and anglers alike.  Despite knowing this, eight determined MMBC teams showed up to fish the seventh Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club tournament of the year on July 10th.  The tournament began at 4am in the cool of the night and weigh in was held at the marina at noon.  The tournament started out with some eerie early morning fog blanketing the lake.  The winds were light and the water temperature started out around 82 degrees and climbed to 86 degrees by weigh in time.

On a side note, one thing that made me excited as I fished (not caught) was the amount of hydrilla I saw floating in the lake.  Something I hadn’t seen in a while on Stillhouse.  I also ran across several nice bunches of it growing in the 16-20 foot range at various spots around the lake. Then I ran across it on a shallow flat I was fishing in about 3 to 4 foot of water.  Our only keeper bass of the day came from the shallow hydrilla.  I am optimistic that if the hydrilla continues to grow we can expect great things from Stillhouse again.

On this day the MMBC anglers were not blessed with great fishing and after talking to several folks at the ramp, it seems nobody is catching good numbers of bass on Stillhouse this year.  I even heard rumors of fishing guides refusing to take clients to this lake because it been so tough to catch fish.  With that being said, you can guess that the results I am about to write about are less than spectacular.  However one team prevailed through the adversity and won their second tournament in a row during a time when putting a keeper in the livewell is harder than staying cool on a 100 degree day.

Pat and Jerry Gold caught the most keepers on this day.  Unfortunately for everyone else, it was only three bass weighing 6.79 pounds.  This was still plenty to gain them first place accolades.   I heard at the ramp that Pat caught all the fish that day. Way to go Pat!  She also took woman’s big bass honors with a nice 4.17 pounder.   It looks to me like the Gold’s new Bullet boat is treating them right!  Congrats yall!  In second place was Jessie Sanchez and his guest Dan.  They brought two fish to the scales weighing 4.27 pounds and Jessie took men’s big bass honors with a nice 3.03 pounder.  Rounding out the top three by just a few ounces was Lesli and Robert Brown, with two fish weighing 4.17 pounds.

We now set our sights on Austin’s own Lake Travis for our tournament scheduled on August 21st.  Until then, tight lines and be safe.

Mr and Mrs Bass Club of Austin July Lake Stillhouse Hollow Results

Place Team # Fish Weight WBB MBB Points
1 Pat & Jerry Gold 3 6.79 lbs 4.17 lbs 50
2 Sugein & Jessie Sanchez 2 4.27 lbs 3.03 lbs 49
3 Lesli & Robert Brown 2 4.17 lbs 48
4 Leslie Killough & Brent Parish 1 2.39 lbs 47
5 Rosemarie (Dan) & Pete Trevino 1 1.57 lbs 46
6 Gina & Jessie Martinez 0 0 lbs 30
6 Marilyn & Joe Connell 0 0 lbs 30
6 Glenda & Allen Summers 0 0 lbs 30