Pat and Jerry Gold Lake BeltonLAKE: Lake Belton
DATE: June 5th, 2010
TIME: 6:00am – 2:00pm
WEIGH IN: Temple Lake Park

Tournament Images

As most would agree, Lake Belton can be a hit or miss lake.  Most of the MMBC teams that arrived at Temple Lake Park Saturday morning completely missed the target as they aimed to bring a limit of bass to the scales.  As the tournament began, the day looked to be promising with a light wind and slight cloud cover.  Conditions seemed optimal for some good central Texas bass fishing.  However, as the day progressed and temperatures soared into the mid 90’s, most competitors realized that the fishing conditions would be very tough. Of the eight teams that participated zero of them managed to bring a limit of bass to the scales.  Speaking of zeros, half the field brought absolutely no fish to the weigh in at all.  A tough day indeed.

The team of Pat and Jerry Gold managed to round up four finicky Lake Belton bass and take the win fishing out of their flashy new Bullet boat.  Jerry boated a hefty 5.51 pound Belton bucket mouth which took men’s big bass and anchored their sack of 9.59 pounds.  Great job guys on a very tough day of fishing.  Continuing their hot streak and finishing in second place was the team of Rosemarie and Pete Trevino.  They managed to bring three bass to the scales weighing 5.90 pounds.  Rosemarie took women’s big bass honors with a 2.15 pound largemouth.  In third place with two bass weighing 3.02 pounds was the team of Leslie Killough and Brent Parish.  The last team to bring fish to the scales and finishing in fourth place was Brenda and Cliff Davis with one bass weighing 1.22 pounds.  The rest of the competitors only managed to bring in empty livewells to the melting asphalt of the Temple Lake Park parking lot.  It was a truly tough day of fishing and surviving the sweltering heat was an accomplishment in it’s self.

Club members now set their sights on Lake Stillhouse hollow where the July tournament will be held in the cool of the night.

Mr and Mrs Bass Club of Austin June Lake Belton Results

Place Team # Fish Weight WBB MBB Points
1 Pat & Jerry Gold 4 9.59 lbs 5.51 lbs 50
2 Rosemarie & Pete Trevino 3 5.90 lbs 2.15 lbs 49
3 Leslie Killough & Brent Parish 2 3.02 lbs 48
4 Brenda & Cliff Davis 1 1.22 lbs 47
5 Lesli & Robert Brown 0 0 lbs 30
5 Gina & Jessie Martinez 0 0 lbs 30
5 Gail & Larry Pederzani 0 0 lbs 30
5 Sugein & Jessie Sanchez 0 0 lbs 30