Top Three Teams - Lake AmistadLAKE: Lake Amistad – Spring Two Day
DATE: April 24th-25th, 2010
TIME DAY 1:6:30am – 4:00pm
TIME DAY2:6:30am – 2:00pm
WEIGH IN: South Shore Unit

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Twelve MMBC teams headed to the clear blue waters of beautiful Lake Amistad on the weekend of April 24th and 25th to test their fishing prowess against the bass that dwell there.  All “hail” broke loose Friday night as a large storm blew through bringing with it deadly tornados, heavy wind gusts, plenty of rain and even some marble sized hail.  Luckily the storms did not last too long and the only thing left behind was 20 mph plus winds to greet the anglers Saturday as they took to the water at 7:00am. Saturday’s weigh-in would be held at Diablo East ramp at 4:00pm.  Over the course of the weekend water temps remained in the upper 60’s and air temps were very pleasant starting out around 60 degrees in the morning and warming to the low 80’s by the end of both fishing days.  Most couples stayed at the very accommodating Angler’s Lodge during their time in Del Rio TX.

Many bass had already spawned which was evident by the abundance of abandoned beds scattered across the shallows.  The full moon was approaching again which instinctively lead the second round of spawner’s to the shallows to perform their annual mating rituals.  Despite Lake Amistad’s crystal clear waters, sight fishing was not the predominate pattern.  Many will tell you that blind casting to likely spawning areas from a distance seemed to produce the best sacks over the course of the weekend.  Slow moving baits, or dead sticking seemed to be the ticket for the bigger fish.

The fishing was typical Lake Amistad for this time of year.  Despite the ferocious winds, reports of 50-80 bass being caught per day were buzzing around the weigh in on Saturday.  Eight limits of bass were brought to the scales on Saturday many of which were quite impressive.  It hard to beat a lake that can yield three sacks over 18 pounds and three more over 14 pounds.  Day one ended with Pat and Jerry Gold in the lead with a limit which was half a pound shy of the twenty pound mark and was anchored by the 7.35 pound men’s big bass of the tournament.  In second place after day one were Brenda and Cliff Davis with a hefty 18.34 pound limit.  Rounding out the day one top three was Gail and Larry Pederzani with another quality 18.13 pound stringer.

Saturday evening we celebrated the good fishing at Anglers Lodge with home made grilled burgers and more sides than we could possibly consume which is fairly typical for the Mr and Mrs Bass Bass Club of Austin.  After supper we shared laughter, fishing stories and time with good friends.  We were also all amazed by the fact that Jessie Sanchez actually ate that whole burger although it was not without a struggle.  Way to go Jessie!

By Sunday the winds had laid which made the fishing much easier. However, for most couples, the catching seemed to be more difficult since only two teams were able to bring in more weight than they did on Saturday. The tournament began at 6:30am and weigh in was held at 2:00pm.  The top three finishers on day two were Lesli and Robert Brown with the largest limit of the tournament weighing an awesome 22.11 pounds.  Their sack was full of Mexican bass that were the size of piñatas! Day two second place went to Brenda and Cliff Davis with a 16.77 pound limit and finishing third on day two was Gail and Larry Pederzani with a nice 15.95 pound limit.  Nine limits of bass were brought to the scales Sunday but the average weights were less than Saturday.

After the weights were tallied, Brenda and Cliff Davis found themselves on the top of the podium with a two day total of 35.11 pounds.  Gail and Larry Pederzani took second place honors with 34.08 pounds and woman’s big bass of 4.84 lbs which is also now the new woman’s big bass of the year.  Third place went to Lesli and Robert Brown with a total weight of 32.57 pounds.  Congratulations to everyone who fished this tournament.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time!

I want to thank our tournament director, officers and the others who helped make this tournament fun and successful.  Thank you to each and every one of you all.

We meet next weekend on the waters of Lake Buchannan for the first time in several years.  It should be an interesting tournament.  See ya there!

MMBC Amistad Tournament Statistics

Day 1 Day 2 Totals
Teams Fishing:
Limits Weighed:
Avg # Fish/Team:
Fish Weighed:
Total Weight:
Avg Sack Weight:
Avg Fish Weight:
142.03 lbs
14.2 lbs
3.3 lbs
149.63 lbs
12.47 lbs
2.63 lbs
291.66 lbs
13.34 lbs
2.97 lbs
Place Team # Fish Day1











1 Brenda & Cliff Davis 10 18.34 16.77 35.11 50
2 Gail & Larry Pederzani 10 18.13 15.95 34.08 4.84 49
3 Leslie & Robert Brown 10 10.46 22.11 32.57 48
4 Pat & Jerry Gold 10 19.50 12.83 32.33 7.35 47
5 Leslie Killough & Brent Parish 10 13.34 15.84 29.18 46
6 Marilyn & Joe Connell 10 14.61 9.82 24.43 45
7 Sugein & Jessie Sanchez 10 14.05 10.01 24.06 44
8 Rosemarie & Pete Trevino 8 14.56 6.51 21.07 43
9 Glenda & Allen Summers 9 12.58 5.77 18.35 42
10 Josie & Allen Logan 8 6.46 9.33 15.79 41
11 Lisa White & Larry Nichols 5 0 13.70 13.70 40
12 Donna & Jim Tyree 5 0 10.99 10.99 39